About the blogger...

My name is Kate and I am a twenty-two year old from Raleigh, North Carolina currently living in Washington DC. I recently graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in international studies + economics, and I currently spend my time working in the nonprofit sector and writing for various online publications. I'm a compulsive book buyer, devoted coffee drinker, crazy cat lover, and obsessive concert addict.

About the blog...

I started this blog in 2013 as a space to write out my opinions and keep track of important life events, without a thought to how it would evolve in the future or if I would even keep up with it. To my surprise I fell in love with blogging, and after studying abroad for six months in 2015 I wanted to do more with it. I started to expand my content and make my little corner of the internet more personal. My hope is that my personality, travels, and opinions are documented, so that even if I cease writing in the future, I have a way to look back on my teen and twentysomething years.

About the name...

Whilst studying abroad in Germany, several friends that I traveled with frequently began to call our little trips "blue jacket adventures" after the blue rain jacket I frequently wore. The name stuck and after returning to the States I kept the name for my blog.

Other projects...

Atlas Addict // snapshots editor
Pop To It // regular contributor

You can also find me on Instagram.
I can be reached at kateklassa@gmail.com.

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